Hothead Minicams Equipment Portfolio

Hothead Minicams Equipment Portfolio

We are constantly building equipment for new projects. We use the latest technology and make it smaller lighter, less power hungry and more functional. To download a copy of our equipment list, please click here.


4K 2160p25

  • Sony PMW-F55/5

HD 1080p

  • Canon C300 camera
  • Ikegami HDL51 with full RCP3 control
  • Sony PMW-300 camera
  • Blackmagic Cinema camera
  • Bradley HD10 camera


Super 35

  • 45-250 Alura zoom T2.6
  • 18-85 Red zoom T2.9
  • 11-16 Duclos
  • 70-200 Canon f2.8

2/3 Inch

  • Canon HJ11 IASE Full servo f1.8
  • Canon J21 IASE Full servo f1.8

Large sensor HD

The XDCAM EX series PMW-F5 camera uses a SUPER 35 sensor for stunning shallow depth of field pictures – recording on to PIX240, Sony AXS-R5 and Hyperdeck Studio Pro.

Standard sensor HD

The Ikegami HDL51 offers a standard size sensor recording to Hyperdeck Studio Pro in DNxHD or ProRes.

Lens Control

  • Bradley motor system
  • Arri LCS


  • Sony AXS-R5 4K RAW recorders
  • Sound Devices PIX240i – recording Prores and DNxHD
  • Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio Pro 4K Prores recorders


Bradley Hotheads are HD PAL/NTSC switchable. Made in the UK by Bradley Engineering they are the smallest Full HD pan and tilt heads on the market recorded to PIX240.


Hothead Minicams have pioneered tapeless workflow in the UK, frequently using up to 12 PIX240 recorders in every kind of location from concert arenas to car interiors. Conforming to HD broadcaster requirements camera data is acquired at a minimum of 50 megabits/sec using the DNxHD or ProRes codecs.

Transfer Rack

Using our custom made transfer racks we download 4X faster than any other facility out there – onto two sets of drives from 8 CF cards simultaneously. The system is powered by a UPS, protecting you from power failures during transfers.

Our transfer station is on set transferring as we shoot to get everyone wrapped and away on time. When working with files you need a logical folder structure. Our software is designed to be easy to use when under pressure, using time stamped clip numbering with embedded production metadata.

Wireless remote control HD Hothead minicams

Fully wireless HD remotely operated rigs. (See USHER for application)

Four cameras can be daisy chained together up to 100m away from the camera operator. Each module records locally for optimum quality and gives the operator complete control remotely.

  • Pan and tilt
  • On/off
  • Colour balance
  • Iris
  • Zoom
  • Focus
  • 8 programmable memory positions